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New Payout Totals

Here are some of the new totals from various websites. These sites do not make me rich, but they are great for beer money (and many require minimal effort).

I love InboxDollars because I easily earn money through them by playing games, reading e-mails, watching videos, and taking surveys. I have earned over $100 with them so far.

Ditto to SendEarnings. I have received more than $55 from their website.

Search & Win

With Swagbucks, I earn several Swagbucks daily just by performing searches on their website and searching for codes, redeemable for more Swagbucks. For 700 Swagbucks (sometimes they’re on sale for less), I redeem $5 PayPal gift cards. I have cashed out over $70 so far.

In terms of survey sites, I have earned more than $20 with HCDSurveys and over $15 with E-Poll.


Program Updates

It has been a long time since I have updated this blog, but I have still been making money online when I’ve had the time. Some of the aforementioned sites have changed their pay structures and I will explore the changes in this post.

Surveyhead has changed their payout structure; you can still earn cash with them, however, PayPal payouts start at $50 now. Other incentives start at $1.50. I have been paid over $50 with their site.

Opinion Outpost has changed their pay structure to offer more options, including restaurant certificates. Check payouts now require a minimum of 200 points ($20). I have received over $285 with Opinion Outpost.

Moola has not been able to pay its members in over a year, however, the site never required members to pay any of their own money to participate. The site can still be fun for playing games if you don’t look at it as a way to make money.



I really like e-Poll: I don’t receive surveys from them often, but when I do, they are interesting and fairly short. They used to only pay out in gift cards (iTunes, McDonald’s, Target, etc.), charity donations, and other prizes, but they’ve now added a cash option ($5 to $30 via PayPal). The company really pays: I have cashed out for $5 PayPal recently and received it in about a week. Each survey counts for points (typically 500), so it takes me at most 7 surveys to cash out for a $5 gift card of any kind (worth 3500 points).



Toluna is a leading market research company in Europe: they acquired Greenfield Online and Your2Cents (former survey companies). Toluna is an interactive site where you can post your own opinion polls and you can earn money (via points) through surveys (which are sent often) or daily sponsored polls. You need 60,000 points to cash out via PayPal and the 60,000 points are equivalent to $20. I have cashed out for at least $40 with Toluna so far.

Toluna accepts international members.


Global Test Market

Global Test Market is a site that sends several surveys daily and they are usually are worth at least 35 points. Each point on the site is worth 5 cents and you need 1000 points ($50) to cash out. This company pays by check and I have earned over $350 with them so far.


"Is Surveyhead a scam?” I searched online and found several accounts where people did not seem to receive payment from this company and I was skeptical. I requested a cash out weeks ago and it remained on “requested” for a long time. However, they finally paid me about eight weeks (and three e-mails) later. I have earned over $25 dollars with them so far.

Surveyhead pays by PayPal (and various other incentives) with a minimum cash out of $25. You earn $5 just for registering and they offer several surveys daily (which are typically worth at least $1): they send you e-mail notifications for some of them and the rest are on a dashboard which you can check daily.

In my experience, it took a really long time to receive payment and I still have some surveys from December which still haven’t been credited, but they do actually pay.


Moola is a game site and is a really cool way to earn money online. The site provides you 1 cent which you can keep doubling. Each time your balance gets down to zero, you are provided another penny. The site earns revenue through advertising, which it shares with its members, and you can also increase your money with offers and surveys. You never play using your own money and there is even a system that helps you save your winnings so that you don’t lose everything when you play. There are also boosters available (until you reach m$5) which help you play at higher levels.

Cash out is at $10 and they pay by PayPal, check ($5 fee) or through a debit card that you can sign up through them (m$5 awarded for signing up). I really love this site and have been paid $30 with them so far, but the only drawback is that payment can be excruciatingly slow (as accounting has to verify every single one of your games). You can expect to wait several months to be paid, but if you just look at it as fun, it’s not as bad.


MySurvey is great: I’ve earned over $180 with them. They pay by check (and you can also cash out for merchandise) with a minimum payout of 1000 points ($10). I tend to qualify for many of their surveys.


HCD Surveys

I really enjoy HCD Surveys. I have only made about $10 with them so far, but they often send the most interesting, quick surveys. Be sure to take their surveys as soon as you receive the invitation as they tend to fill up fast! Cash out is 1000 points ($10) and they pay by check.


The Socratic Forum

The Socratic Forum gives points for each survey, which you can exchange for a check or gift certificates. They have a minimum payout of $5 (5 points) and they pay in 5 point increments. I do not receive many surveys from them, but when I do, they are interesting.

I have earned $50 with them.


I do not qualify for a lot of surveys at MindField, but they have paid me several times. Their minimum payout is $5, which you can often make in one survey alone.

I’ve earned over $50 with them.


InboxDollars and SendEarnings

InboxDollars and SendEarnings are sisters sites where you are paid to read e-mails (approximately 2 cents per message), take daily surveys (50 cents per survey), play games, sign up for offers, shop, and more. They both offer $5 just for signing up and they pay by check. Minimum payout is $30 (with a $3 check fee, so you’ll receive $27) and you receive a gold membership just for cashing out. It takes me a long time to earn because I mostly just read the e-mails, take the occasional survey, and play games, but it’s very easy money. You may have to expect a couple of months to receive your check, but I’ve been paid as quickly as two weeks after requesting it.

The Gold Membership (taken directly from their website and it’s the same for SendEarnings):

Every time a new member joins InboxDollars® without being referred by an existing member, a current Gold Member is automatically credited for ‘referring’ the new member. Your Gold Membership guarantees you a portion of this pool of new non-referred members and all the benefits it includes.

When your referral earns money, you earn 10% of what they earn.

I have received over 10 referrals with my Gold Membership and have made over $80.

I’ve been paid over $25 with SendEarnings.


Survey Savvy

I don’t receive surveys from Survey Savvy very often, but it is worthwhile to sign up with them. They pay by check within 4-6 weeks and I have earned over $50 with them so far. There is no minimum required for payout.


Opinion Outpost

I receive frequent surveys from Opinion Outpost and I really dig them. They pay by check and they pay fast…i.e. I requested a check on Friday and have received it as soon as the following Monday! Surveys pay by points and the minimum cash out is 50 points ($5): you can request it in the form of a check or an code (which is posted immediately).

I have earned over $240 with them so far.


Swag Bucks

Search & Win

I’m really liking Swag Bucks right now: it is a very fun way to make money. You earn Swag Bucks through using their search engine, finding codes, and various other ways. When you earn enough Swag Bucks, you can trade them in for several prizes or enter them into sweepstakes. I personally use the $5 PayPal option (700 Swag Bucks), which typically takes me about 2 to 3 weeks to earn. I have made $40 with them so far.